LOur caramelised products are confectionary specialties that are obtained by bathing the nuts in a very thin layer of sugar and honey (not to be confused with the sugar coated products, another of our specialties, in which nuts are covered in a slightly thicker layer of melted sugar).

To create Crit d’Or’s caramelised products, we use an original recipe and a handmade process that was developed over the years by our company, allowing us to achieve a thin and brilliant caramelised product with a unique flavour. We cook only small batches of nuts, sugar and honey for approximately 1 hour, without using either oil or frying the product, as is done in some industrialized caramelised products. We use very little sugar in order to obtain a very thin layer; thus, first the caramelisation flavour is noted, followed immediately by the taste of the nut. It is the perfect balance for those wanting a bit of sweetness with their nuts.

These caramelised products are some of the most prized specialities of our company, thanks to the handmade process used and their characteristic flavour.